Lovely animated videos explaining things.

See more videos by Kurzgesagt here.

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These images come from team NanoNephron, composed of designer Lilian Kong and scientist Georgia Charkoftaki. All we can say is WOW!

My reflection on our process so far:

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Instinct is your highest form of intelligence.

Sarah Lewis, who wrote this magnificent meditation on creativity, the gift of failure, and the quest for mastery, in conversation with Anna Deavere Smith at the New York Public Library, part of the altogether excellent LIVE from the NYPL series of live events curated by Paul Holdengraber. 

"If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it"

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Using a wide variety of canvases including railroad blueprints, star charts, geological and street maps, Welsh artist Ed Fairburn uses additive and subtractive techniques to create portraits that seem perfectly integrated with the topography of streets, mountains and rivers.

Elaborate New Portraits Drawn on Vintage Maps by Ed Fairburn | via

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Drawing Shadows | Gautam Bhatia | Via

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"Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty — a beauty cold and austere, without the gorgeous trappings of painting or music." —Bertrand Russell

The Beauty of Mathematics - Yann Pineill & Nicolas Lefaucheux


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What goes on inside people’s heads?


Milos Rajkovic, aka Sholim, creates Terry Gilliam-esque cutout animations of people’s heads.

The animated GIF versions are available on Tumblr.

Some of my favorites:

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Ion Hotel | Minarc | Via

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spherical 3D-printed gear.

Mechaneu - Proxy Design Studio

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